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A Heaven on Earth : Human Alchemy Through the Practical Use of Universal Principles

by Jenka

Buy the book: Jenka. A Heaven on Earth : Human Alchemy Through the Practical Use of Universal Principles

Release Date: 01 December, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jenka. A Heaven on Earth : Human Alchemy Through the Practical Use of Universal Principles


Dear Jenka,

I read your book. My critique can be summarized in one word: WOW!

I absolutely LOVED it! (from the energy vortex in the heart area...) It reminded me of what I already know - but sometimes choose to ignore - then added to my understanding and commitment to the perfection of our lives. I have passed it on to my wife who is eager to begin reading it based upon my enthusiastic snippets of approval and joy as I was enjoying the reading.

..."Enjoying the reading"... I am a speed reader. I could have finished your book in less than an hour, and would have had great retention of it's contents. This was not how I chose to read it. I savored it like a glass of fine wine - sipping, sipping, sipping - extended over about a six hour period. I also plan to read it again and again, as I know there are parts which my consciousness was not prepared to receive at this time.

My full review of your book is that it is a great gift - certainly to me, and, I expect to many thousands of other. It is a bridge that brings continents of consciousness together. It is a path to higher consciousness. I am grateful to you for your willingness to write it for those of us who are prepared to take that step. I am also grateful to my 'Timeless Self' for setting up the conditions through which I was able to meet you, and, thereby, receive this wonderful gift.

In the Light,
Bruce Chenoweth

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Brilliant! A must-read book!

"It is part of the Great Universal Plan that each of us be given the opportunity to leave our world better than we found it. I shall give it my best try with this book", writes author, student and sage Jenka. How to do this is the subject of her new, and insightful work, A Heaven on Earth.

Jenka, having witnessed man's inhumanity to man, grew up an athiest.. Her determination to find the Truth, and "...settle the God Issue led Jenka on a journey as exciting and dangerous as a trip to Mars. She first sought answers from the religious and new age communities, but to limited avail.

A Heaven on Earth is about her own search and discovery of the Truth. In the telling, Jenka brings forth the three aspects of humankind; the Human Self, the Timeless Self and the Source Self...and our need to communicate with all three, to discover our truth. For instance, to achieve our goals with ease, we must consult with our Timeless Self.

"The Timeless and Source Selves respond to who we are, not who we think we are", writes the author. The good news is that once we get comfortable with our feelings and emotions...our need to hide our true nature will disappear. The Truth can only be revealed to us when we no longer harbor a preference for one outcome over another" writes Jenka.

Jenka has put together common sense tools to achieve human alchemy and re-discover Universal Principles in a wonderful and "from the heart" style.

A Heaven on Earth is the perfect title for a book that can lead the reader from darkness to light, and from ignorance to understanding. This book is special!

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