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1. A Heaven on Earth : Human Alchemy Through the Practical Use of Universal Principles
by Jenka

2. A Heaven on Earth: Human Alchemy Revealed
by Jenka

3. A Light from Out of the Darkness: On the Composition of the Stone of the Philosophers
by Patrick J. Smith, Marc-Antonio Crasselame, J. D. Holmes

4. A Paracelsian Lexicon of Alchemical Terms
by Franz Hartmann, Arthur Edward Waite, Patrick J. Smith, etc.

5. A Subtle Allegory Concerning the Secrets of Alchemy
by Michael Maier

6. Abandoned Word (Alchemical Studies Series #15)
by Bernard Trevisan, Patrick Smith

7. Alchemical Essence
by M. Pattison-Muir

8. Alchemical Works: Eirenaeus Philalethes Compiled
by Eirenaeus Philalethes, S. Merrow Broddle

9. Alchemies of the Mind : Rationality and the Emotions
by Jon Elster

10. Alchemists Handbook: (Manual for Practical Laboratory Alchemy
by Frater Albertus

11. Alchemy
by Manly P. Hall

12. Alchemy & Mysticism: The Hermetic Museum
by Alexander Roob

13. Alchemy & the Alchemists
by Ethan Allen Hitchcock, Manly P. Hall

14. Alchemy Ancient and Modern
by H. Stanley Redgrove